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English Courses for University Lecturers and Admin Staff

LSI Portsmouth offers Methodology and Language courses in Portsmouth for University lecturers and admin staff from all over the world and has done since the 1990s.  We have close links to the University of Portsmouth and specialist components can be integrated into the course structure when requested.  This course is offered on a closed group basis and can be customised to meet the needs of the group.

The course is suitable for non-native university lecturers who are delivering specialist courses in English to international students who are non-native or native speakers of English aged 18+.  It is also suitable for non-native university lecturers and staff who are converting to teaching English and/or with a need to expand their knowledge, accuracy and fluency in English. 

Important information
University lecturers important info
All closed group classes run on bank holidays.  
Bank holiday dates are: 02/01/17, 14/04/17, 17/04/17, 01/05/17, 29/05/17, 28/08/17.

The course objectives are for participants to be able to:

  • Understand and discuss current methodologies, theories and practice within the context of an international environment
  • Develop ability to understand different native and non-native accents, pronunciation, intonation and word stress
  • Increase ability to plan and deliver lectures effectively and direct/control seminars with international students in English
  • Participate more effectively in professional situations including meetings, teleconferencing, small talk and networking, interviews, telephoning and report writing

The course content can include:

  • Intercultural communication: background and key insights
  • Understanding different L1 and L2 accents and intonation patterns
  • Instructional language and terminology, lecture and lesson technique
  • Lecture delivery skills, fluency development, articulation, clarity and pronunciation
  • Directing and controlling seminars in an international student context

Typical timetable for University Lecturers and Admin Staff courses

Uni lecturers timetable
Course content can be customised to meet the needs of a particular group whenever possible.  
Exact starting and finishing timesmay vary but there will always be 25 hours of taught classes per week (except where there is a bank holiday).

For more information about English courses for University Lecturers and Admin Staff, including prices, please see the brochure and dates and fees sheet.


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