Our professional English social programme, together with the accompanied lunch option, provides opportunities for you to practise, and learn social English, enhance your intercultural awareness and network with professionals from all over the world. Real-life work situations include communications with people from all countries with all levels of English and these opportunities reflect those situations.

The optional evening social programme is full and varied and includes visits to restaurants and pubs, theatres and cinemas, museums and many optional sporting activities. Snooker, tennis, football, and golf are all available. Our social programme organiser also arranges a wide range of weekend excursions to places of cultural and historical interest which you can join and enjoy as part of your language stay.

An example week:

Monday: Welcome drinks in Café Parisien (Free)

Tuesday: Live music/ guided tour of Old Portsmouth (£10-£15)

Wednesday: Salsa Lesson (£4)

Thursday: Meal out and drinks (£30-£40)

Friday: Farewell drinks in Café Parisien (Free)