English Exam Courses at LSI Portsmouth

Our full-time exam preparation courses are designed to help you learn and improve the language skills necessary to get the best possible grade in your chosen exam and to also improve the general level of your English in all areas of communication.
Exam preparation courses we offer are: First Certificate (FCE), Cambridge Advanced (CAE), Cambridge Proficiency (CPE), IELTS and OET Test Preparation. We have a dedicated Exams Director of Studies who will ensure we find the right exam course for you and that you get the most out of your language stay in Portsmouth.

Corso di preparazione all'esame di Cambridge

Courses focus on the Cambridge syllabus by following a Cambridge exam course curriculum. FCE, CAE, and CPE preparation are offered throughout the year. These courses focus on exam skills and language development.

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Corso di preparazione IELTS

This course focuses on all the skills required for the exam, as well as specific areas of grammar and vocabulary necessary for IELTS.

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Preparazione all'esame OET

LSI Portsmouth offers one-week intensive OET courses for Nursing.  This course includes 25 hours of face-to-face tuition with experienced and highly-qualified teachers, as well as access to self-study facilities, and daily homework

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Accommodation at LSI


Durante il tuo soggiorno a Portsmouth, puoi scegliere se alloggiare presso una delle nostre famiglie locali, oppure in una delle nostre case studenti dotate di angolo cottura, o ancora di trovare il tuo alloggio personalmente. Provvederemo ad offrirti la migliore opzione adatta a te in base ai tuoi bisogni e ti aiuteremo e supporteremo durante tutto il tuo soggiorno.

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Programma d'intrattenimento

The social programme we offer is full and varied, and includes weekly sporting events, parties and nights out, and cultural and educational activities. Our social programme is always changing, and is tailored to meet the needs of all students.

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"Doing the Cambridge course has been an amazing experience for me. The classes are really challenging, but my teachers make the lessons fun and dynamic."

Lukas Boesiger, Switzerland