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What is the online social programme?

The LSI Portsmouth social programme has moved online. Furthermore, our online programme has recently teamed up with a number of other IH social programmes. In this video, Adam sits down with Amelia who tells us all about the exciting new social activities available to help practice English with LSI Portsmouth.

Since the social programme is now online, how has it changed?

The social programme was one of the most popular features of LSI Portsmouth, we wanted to take that and move it to an online format so that students wouldn’t miss out on that experience. It has been interesting to see which activities work well in an online setting.

What kind of social activities has LSI Portsmouth been offering online?

LSI Portsmouth has done a wide-variety of different activities, examples of more physical activities include yoga and salsa. In addition, there have been more creative events such as art classes and other fun has included quizzes and virtual tours.

Who hosts the social activities?

Amelia hosts most of the social activities, but we do have other members of staff who come in and share their experience and expertise by leading certain events. We are lucky to have a wide range of talents at LSI Portsmouth and those people can share their skills and hobbies with others.

What is new with the social programme?

LSI Portsmouth has just teamed up with some of the other IH schools in the UK to make a bigger better social programme. Before it was just run by LSI Portsmouth but now we have widened that pool of experience and we are currently working with IH Manchester, IH Galway, IH Bristol, and IH Belfast. The group is working to bring a different activity each day of the week.

Where have you visited online?

Speaking about LSI Portsmouth specifically:

  • The British museum
  • Marwell Zoo
  • Amsterdam Van Gogh museum

However, it is worth mentioning that IH Galway recently did a tour of Ireland.

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Who comes on the online social programme?

It is primarily meant for our students, however there is an open door policy as we understand this is a difficult time for everyone. If you are a prospective student, an ex-student, a current student, or just someone who wants to see what is going on with the programme, you are welcome to join.

When do you do the activities?

Amelia tries to organize it so that there are different activities available at different times so regardless of your time zone, you can attend one. She aims to include a lunchtime activity and an evening activity. However, now that LSI Portsmouth is collaborating with the other IH schools, Amelia only gets to organize one activity which will probably be UK evening based.

How does one sign up for this online programme?

It’s super easy, you just have to check out our social media pages.

Or you can sign up here:

What is one of Amelia’s favourite activities?

Amelia’s favourite activity was the art class because the students who attended began the activity by saying that they wouldn’t be able to draw anything well. However, by the end of the session those students were drawing wonderfully and were very pleased with how much progress they had made.

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