Portsmouth is a fantastic location to study English throughout the year, but the city is particularly wonderful to visit during the summertime. Our full-time dedicated Social Programme Organiser creates a unique social calendar to showcase the best of what Portsmouth has to offer.

As the UK’s only island city, Portsmouth has long stretches of beaches, as well as large outdoor parks and green areas. Our Social Team make sure that if you’re studying in Portsmouth during the summer, you will make the most of our fantastic location. Portsmouth also has many festivals and free live music events throughout summer, to compliment the Social Programme.

Some of our most popular social activities during the summer include our weekly Conversation Club, where our students gather to enjoy some friendly conversation in a relaxed, informal environment. We offer many outdoor sporting activities such as football with the teachers, volleyball tournaments and outdoor fitness classes. Our weekly parties are always great fun, and the perfect opportunity for our students to experience the lively Portsmouth nightlife.

Every weekend our Social Team organise a Saturday excursion, giving you the opportunity to visit other parts of the country, including:

Alongside trips to our year-round destinations, we also organise trips that are better suited to the summer months, such as:

  • Eastbourne, Beachy Head & Seven Sisters
  • Theme Park Visits
  • Isle of Wight
  • Walking excursions on the Jurassic Coast

Not only is our social programme really fun, it’s a wonderful way to practice your conversational skills and improve your English. With many students choosing to join us during the summer period, you will get the opportunity to meet many friends from all over the world.

Our full time Social Programme Organiser is dedicated to making sure that every second you spend at LSI is the best it can be for you.  If you have any queries about our social programme or Portsmouth in general, please feel free to email us at [email protected]