The Linguaskills Test is coming to LSI Portsmouth


Linguaskills is coming to LSI Portsmouth

From December 2019, LSI will be offering the possibility of taking the Linguaskill test at LSI Portsmouth.

The test, which is from the University of Cambridge, takes just 60 – 85 minutes and covers both listening and reading skills. At the end of the test you are able to get your results immediately. You’ll also receive an official certificate with your results on it.

There are two versions that can be taken – the General English listing and reading test and the Business English listening and reading test.

Why the Linguaskill test is useful:

  • Promotion prospects with present employers
  • Really good on your CV when applying for jobs
  • Helps with placement at academic institutions
  • Shows you the progress you have made at the end of your LSI course

If you would like to see some practice tasks, please click on the link below

We are in the process of training our invigilators ready for the launch of the test.

For further information about doing the test please contact us.