Our full-time Cambridge exam preparation courses are designed to help you learn English and improve the language skills necessary to get the best possible grade in your chosen exam. Courses cover the Cambridge syllabus by following Cambridge exam course books, which you will be given as part of your course. Although it is a book-based syllabus geared towards the exam, teachers will also incorporate a wide range of other materials and activities appropriate to the level and aims of the lessons. This offers lots of variety in the classes and will give you the best start towards the exam.

We offer exam preparation throughout the whole year, including throughout the summer. Depending on your level, you can prepare for either the First Certificate Exam (FCE), Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) or Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE). Although there is no CPE exam in August, the CPE course still runs.
The ideal preparation for a Cambridge exam is to follow the full course which range from between 9 to 13 weeks. However, classes are not necessarily closed exam groups and are open to students at the same level who are studying for shorter periods (minimum 2 weeks) or not taking the exam. Priority is however given to students following the full course. Students must be at the correct English level to join these classes and pre-tests can be taken in advance. Our Study Centre is fully resourced with lots of Cambridge exam practice materials and other relevant, useful materials for you to use.

  • Fact Check

    - Minimum age: 18
    - Average age: 23
    - Maximum class size: 12
    - 22.5 hours (60 minutes) per week, plus 5-10 hours self-access
    - Start any Monday except public holidays (30th March, 2nd April, 7th May, 28th May, 27th August 2018)
    - Minimum 2 weeks
    - FCE, CAE, CPE

  • Cambridge Course and Exam Dates


    - Start Date – 02/01/18 End Date – 16/03/18 (11 weeks) Exam Date: 16/03/18
    - Start Date – 03/04/18 End Date – 22/06/18 (12 weeks) Exam Date: 23/06/18
    - Start Date – 25/06/18 End Date – 24/08/18 (9 weeks) Exam Date: 23/08/18
    - Start Date – 17/09/18 End Date – 14/12/18 (13 weeks) Exam Date: 15/12/18


    - Start Date – 02/01/18 End Date – 16/03/18 (11 weeks) Exam Date: 17/03/18
    - Start Date – 03/04/18 End Date – 01/06/18 (9 weeks) Exam Date: 02/06/18
    - Start Date – 25/06/18 End Date – 24/08/18 (9 weeks) Exam Date: 24/08/18
    - Start Date – 17/09/18 End Date – 07/12/18 (12 weeks) Exam Date: 08/12/18


    - Start Date – 02/01/18 End Date – 09/03/18 (10 weeks) Exam Date: 10/03/18
    - Start Date – 03/04/18 End Date – 15/06/18 (11 weeks) Exam Date: 14/06/18
    - Start Date – 25/06/18 End Date – 24/08/18 (9 weeks) Exam Date: N/A
    - Start Date – 17/09/18 End Date – 30/11/18 (11 weeks) Exam Date: 01/12/18

    IMPORTANT: Speaking exams are held on different dates to the written exams (usually in the 2 weeks leading to the exam date). Please be careful when booking flights and accommodation at the end of your course.

  • Cambridge Exam Fees

    FCE: £155.00*
    CAE: £160.00*
    CPE: £165.00*

    *Please note that prices are subject to change without notification.


During your stay in Portsmouth, you may want to live with a local homestay family, in one of our self-catering residences, or choose to find your own accommodation. We will do everything we can to give you the best option to suit your needs and to help and support you with your living arrangements.

Social Programme

The social programme we offer is full and varied, and includes weekly sporting events, parties and nights out, and cultural and educational activities.  Just some of the after school activities we offer include football with our teachers, volleyball, conversation club, afternoon tea, karaoke nights, international parties and visits to local restaurants and pubs. Our social programme is always changing, and is tailored to meet the needs of all students.